Socio-Economic Impact of Artificial Wetlands in l’Albufera Report

Poster presented at the WETPOL2015 international conference (September 2015)

Conference on another view on the Mar Menor and La Manga. Progress in the knowledge of its natural values and improvement of biodiversity and landscape
Conference organized by the Association of Southeast Naturalists (ANSE) with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment through the Biodiversity Foundation.


Presentation of the project during the WETLANDS congress (Huesca) in September 2014

Archivo PDF LIFE12 ENV-ES-000685 ALBUFERA – WETLANDS 2014 (Powerpoint)

LIFE Albufera Project Introduction (Presentations) March 2014

PDF File DMA – RN2000 (SEO)
PDF File Participatory management of the wetlands (AEA))
PDF File Constructed Wetlands (IIAMA)
PDF File Life Albufera project presentation (IIAMA)
PDF File International networks dealing with the restoration of wetlands (FGN)
PDF File Tancat de la Pipa (CHJ)
PDF File Tancat de Milia y de L’Illa (ACUAMED)

Delivrables – technical reports

Archivo PDF Mid term report – June 2015
Archivo PDF Report Action B1 – Hydraulic Management and Monitoring – 2014 (January 2015)
Archivo PDF Report Action C1 – Monitoring of Water Quality – 2014 (January 2015)
Archivo PDF Report Action C1 – Monitoring of Water Quality – phytoplankton, zooplankton – 2014 (January 2015)
Archivo PDF Inception Report June 2014
Archivo PDF Report on the initial state of play December 2013
Archivo PDF Management Strategy December 2013
Archivo PDF Evaluation of initial SPA state of play in the Albufera and the development of indicators for the avifauna January 2014
Archivo PDF Report Action C2 – Monitoring of the vertebra biodiversity – 2014 (January 2015)


PDF File Rice fields as facilitators of freshwater invasions in protected wetlands (Juan Rueda)
PDF File The system of green filters in the Tancat de la Pipa (Revista Ambienta) 12-2008
PDF File The problem of sewage water (Revista AMBIENTA) 03-2005