Other Administrations

The present LIFE+ Albufera project, within the objectives of a governance LIFE, seeks to generate transferrable experiences for stakeholders involved in management (in this case, in water bodies of the Natura 2000 Network) and to enhance mechanisms through which lessons learnt can be applied to management at different levels. To this end, the different local actors of the SPA of L’Albufera have been identified, bearing in mind whether they are members of administrations or local area, the scope of their actions and how their involvement will be framed within the project:

  • Conselleria de Infraestructuras, Territorio y Medio Ambiente (Regional Ministry of Infrastructure, Territorial Administration and Environment): L’Albufera, as Natural Park declared in 1986, is managed by the Regional Ministry of Infrastructure, Territorial Administration and Environment, through the Natural Park Directorate. It regulates the uses guidelines in L’Albufera, so their involvement is fundamental in the project. There is a long experience of joint work with the Natural Park in the design, execution and management of constructed wetlands. The Natural Park will be invited to all the participatory campaign meetings. This administration is in charge of elaborating the Management Plans within the Natura 2000 Network. The experiences gained in the project will be a reference for this Plans’ elaboration.
  • Conselleria de Agricultura (Regional Ministry for Agriculture): The SPA of L’Albufera is an eminently agricultural area, so the Regional Ministry for Agriculture is an essential actor whose decisions directly affect the environmental quality of L’Albufera. This administration will be invited to the participatory campaign, through specific meetings to address water management in the rice fields and the use of pesticides. Their participation is expected in the results dissemination.
  • Ayuntamiento de Valencia (City Council of Valencia): L’Albufera lake is owned by the City Council of Valencia since 1911. For several years it has had a special service, the Devesa-Albufera department, in charge of managing the whole municipal area of Valencia present in the SPA of L’Albufera. This department develops a very important work in the water quality follow-up, as well as several habitat improvement projects in the Natural Park. Its participation in the project is essential, so they will be involved in the whole participatory process. Their involvement is guaranteed, based on the previous experience in working together with the partners of this LIFE project.
  • Municipalities from the rest of the SPA of L’Albufera of Valencia: They are important actors when it comes to contacting local population of the different municipalities, particularly in regards to agriculture and hunting activities. Special attention will be given to the towns of Catarroja (Tancat de la Pipa), Sollana (Tancat de Milia) and Sueca (Tancat de l’Illa). Their participation will be particularly required for the participatory campaign (Action D2).