LIFE Albufera Project

After the first few years, the triple functionality of the systems was proven:

  • Artificial Wetlands successfully treat water from the lagoon,
  • They have regenerated declining habitats and
  • They provide natural reserves where biodiversity indices increase.

It was time to optimise their performance. Led by the Water and Environment Engineering Institute (IIAMA) of the Technical University of Valencia and the rest of stakeholders (Acció Ecologista-Agró, SEO/BirdLife and Fundación Global Nature), the project LIFE Albufera was launched. It was co-financed by ACUAMED, the Júcar River Basin Authority and the European Commission (through the LIFE+ Programme).

The objectives of the project are to increase, in a coordinated manner, the efficiency of all three constructed wetlands in order to accomplish the above-mentioned threefold objective (improving water quality, providing renaturalised habitats and protecting the bird species in the wetland).