Acció Ecologista-Agró

Acció Ecologista-Agró participates in the project as partner responsible for managing the constructed wetland Tancat de la Pipa. Since its establishment in the 1980s it has become one of the main ecologist organisations in the Valencia Region, thanks to its work to protect the environment and territory in Castellón, Valencia and Alicante.

As well as being represented in the steering committees of the different natural parks (Albufera of Valencia, Marjal Pego-Oliva, El Montgó, Hoces del Cabrial and River Turia) and in local councils for environment and similar bodies that allow public participation (water council of the Júcar River Basin Authority), AE-Agró is responsible for several projects for the study, defence and conservation of nature (such as environmental recovery of degraded coastal areas and forests as well as emblematic species like the European pond turtle or the osprey). This association also shows a firm commitment towards land custody as a tool for a conscientious management of the natural environment. In this sense, Acció Ecologista-Agró is co-founder of Avinença, the land custody network in the Valencia Region, and is currently carrying out this type of projects (Tancat de la Pipa in L’Albufera of Valencia, Marjal of Almenara and Municipal Natural Site in La Costera), thanks to contracts or agreements signed with private owners and public institutions. As well as taking part in all these projects, the organisation is involved in several ecologist claims, such as the prohibition of the hunting method known as “parany” (capturing birds with limed twigs in a tree), improving the fire prevention and extinction policies, encouraging the use of bicycles and pacifying traffic, reducing the environmental impacts of wind farms, etc. Also, Acció Ecologista-Agró has a commission for education and environmental volunteering, through which the organisation has participated in recuperating the windmills of Ares del Maestrat and the rural landscape associated to these buildings, as well as disseminating the environmental values of different natural areas.