Treating Water with Artificial Wetlands

How can we recuperate the water quality in L’Albufera, regenerate degraded habitats and achieve the ecological potential of this space?. Artificial Wetlands might be a part of the solution.
The basic principle of the constructed wetlands is the circulation of water along areas with vegetation. Plants feed from the nutrients present in the water, thus reducing their concentration and leave cleaner water. This simple system has been applied in small towns, isolated rural villages, camping sites and hotels for years.
Constructed wetlands in L’Albufera, also known as Green Filters in this area, are an innovative progress in the application of this depuration system, due to their size and treatment capacity. They are designed to recirculate water from the lake, reducing its organic pollution, and in some cases they can perform a subsequent treatment after the waste water treatment plants (EDAR).

  Artificial Wetlands